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Why Every Event Needs Social Media

Why Every Event Needs Social Media

Clients sometimes enforce a strict no cell phone policy during events to ensure that special moments remain private and intimate, in fear that millions of flashes will take away from the scene and will transfer the focus elsewhere.  Whether the bride is walking down the aisle, candles are being blown, or an important speech is being given, that moment should be documented without being intruded on.  

Social media was once thought as just a corporate tool to connect large conferences and business meetings, but is now very prevalent at social events and gatherings.  Utilizing social media helps you capture every moment of the event and allows your loved ones to reminisce and share the moments with each other.  Rules can still be applied when using these tools, so make sure guests know when it is an appropriate time to start snapping.  Spontaneous pictures often lead to capturing some of the best candid moments of the event.  There are ways to incorporate social media into your special day that helps savor the memories made and creates lasting buzz surrounding the success of the event.

Twitter – If a person will be responsible for live tweeting during the event, make sure to include the Twitter handle on the event invitation and remind guests when they arrive to start following the account if they have not already.  Create a hashtag that you incorporate in every single tweet or even just hash tagging the event or company name at the bottom of every post.  Encourage guests to do the same, so that when you want to go back and view all the tweets surrounding your event, they will be organized and all under the same hashtag to easily find.  Post frequently during the event,  commenting on the main points or highlights.  Guests are more likely to check the feed when posts are funny and light and comment on funny moments that happened, so keep it casual and real.

Instagram – Instagram is a must for any social event.  Allowing guests to snap photos result in angles and shots that even the photographer couldn’t capture.  Create a hashtag that guests can use when uploading to avoid missing any special moment.  Some of the best wedding photos I’ve seen have been taken by guests mid partying!  Plus, all the variation of photos from the guests combined with the professionalism of the photographer, make for a stunning array of photos and the best event albums.  Social event hashtags can be simple i.e., #j&cgethitched #kellys30birthday, or just the name of the company or company event for corporate settings.  Make sure to incorporate the location tag as well on Instagram, so when others click on the location, all event photos will synchronize.   

Social media is a fantastic way to market your event and planning skills.  Your guests reveal so much information and buzz without even realizing it and it is a great way for people to stay connected and look back on the event.  Encourage guests to take as many pictures as possible so you have as much of the event captured as possible.  You won’t have to worry about a photographer cramping your style on the dance floor to get that perfect shot.  It is always a good idea to get people talking about your events to get tips for next time and see what ideas people responded well to.