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Unique Venues For Your Wedding

treehouse wedding 2

Choosing an alternative wedding venue is one the best (and most fun) ways to incorporate a little more “you” into your ceremony.  If you’re bored of the hotel and reception halls, then select a venue that reflects your personality or that is especially meaningful to you and your partner.  These ideas won’t float everyone’s boat but you’re spending a lot of dough on your wedding and shouldn’t it be utterly and entirely YOU?  Of course, depending on where you live, some places won’t have licenses to hold a wedding, but it’s always worth the research.  Here are fifteen unique places to get hitched.

1.  Greenhouse wedding

Imagine your ivory dress against bright green and yellow splashes of color.  A greenhouse is not only calming, but an opportunity to send a tribute to the beautiful planet you inhabit.  Guests will appreciate the vibrant green plants and cheerful flowers.


2. An antique store

You don’t have to be a vintage-loving couple to enjoy an antique store.  Choosing this locale allows the room to be filled with unique and awesome, not-the-average trinkets, not to mention plenty of seating and furniture. antique-store-vintage-wedding

3. Cave wedding

A wedding in the entry of a cave is one of the most creative ideas I’ve heard of.  A couple from St. Thomas flew to Thunder Mountain to get hitched after finding beach weddings too ordinary.  Cave weddings are natural and gorgeously elegant. Not to mention totally different.cave-wedding

4. Music Festival

For the festival-going couple, why not combine your two greatest loves on your special day –music and each other?   This route gives you the opportunity for you and your guests to have a spectacular experience even after the reception is over.


 5. Wine Cellar

Vineyard weddings have been a long time tradition, but wine cellar weddings can be dressed up spooky or dressed up classy!  This intimate and beautiful scene will have guests’ lips tattooed red before the ceremony is over. wine-cellar-wedding

 6. Poolside

Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious and extravagant hotel pools in the world. Get wed by the water and have a pool party as the reception! Eloping and Elvis Presley impersonators aren’t the only thing Vegas is good

7. Glamping

Take notes from Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves who got married while camping.  Glamping, or glamorous camping, is quickly becoming a cheap and creative alternative to the chapel for couples.  Set up tent, roast marshmallows, and sit by the fire with friends and family and make the evening one no one will forget.

 8. Zoo

If you love animals and are anticipating a wild wedding, what better place to host the event than a zoo?  Guests will enjoy the occasional roar from the lions and squawking from the peacocks and the wildlife provide such a serene and safari-like atmosphere.zoo-wedding

9. Tree House

TreeHouse Point is a place of peace and tranquility just thirty minutes of Seattle.  With a beautiful forest besides the Raging River, you can enjoy the rejuvenating powers of the Pacific Northwest. treehouse-wedding

10. Aquarium

New Jersey, Seattle, and California all are home to incredible aquariums. Saying “I do” in a room surrounded by water is soothing and stunning. An aquarium is the perfect place for water lovers out there, and the beautiful lighting and colourful fish surrounding you is bound to start any marriage off on the best foot possible.aquarium-wedding-california

11.  On a bridge

The wow factor of getting married on a bridge is the amazing scenery and great photo ops. The Brooklyn Bridge offers deals for standard and custom ceremonies, but that’s just one of the hundreds of bridges to choose from. bridge-wedding

12. Next to a volcano

So he makes your heart melt, huh? Now make his –in Hawai’i’s Volcano National Park, couples can marry with views of Kilauea Caldera, part of a live volcano with plumes of lava flaring against the sky.volcano-wedding

13. Roller coaster/amusement park

Ohhhh the fun and childishness of getting married at a theme park. Ride the roller coasters all the way into your honeymoon. Ask the park if you and your guests can get “fast passes” enabling you to skip lines for the rides if you plan on staying at the park for the weekend or night. canrival-wedding

14. Sailboat

More intimate than getting hitched on a cruise ship, a sailboat is romantic and secluded. Hopefully the ocean (and your marriage) won’t be rocky!sailboat-wedding


If you and your future hubby met in college or at a sports game, or maybe you both are just big sports fans, a stadium would be the perfect way to honor your connection.  Plenty of seating, lighting, and space for all your guests and accommodations.stadium-wedding


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