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Top Event Complaints

After putting in so much effort, you want to ensure your guests have the best time possible.  We got the inside scoop from perpetual party goers about their biggest complaints at weddings and other events they attended this year.

Dress Code

Be sure that the dress code matches the theme and venue of the event.   If the venue is casual, don’t enforce a strict dress code.     Guests will feel awkward with the unbalanced scene.   Don’t slip in a too-specific dress code with invitations, either.   Guests will groan at that, too.

Too Much Time Before Reception

The ceremony is over and now guests want to party.   Try as best as you can not to make the reception too far away from the location of the vows.  That way, you make sure all guests make the shift from ceremony to reception seamlessly and no time is wasted.   Everyone just sat through a long ceremony and wants to get the fun part started already!   Make sure your entrance doesn’t take up too much time either.   You want to have as little transitioning time as possible so guests don’t get antsy or bored.

There’s Not Enough Food

It can be difficult to stay on-budget as it is, but if you opt to spend extra money in one area of planning, make it the food.  The food sets the tone of the party and is one of the most impressionable aspects of any event.  Make sure that estimates are as accurate as possible and always add an extra appetizer if you are unsure.   You don’t want to leave guests without any energy to dance!

Never Got A Thank You Card Or Parting Gift

After an event is over and the stress from months of planning has lifted, it can be easy to let writing “Thank You” cards escape your mind.   At larger events (and basically any time you want to impress your guests) some sort of parting gift, or at the very least a “Thank You” note, is appropriate and essential to show guests that you appreciate their presence.   Even though it’s your special day, guests need love, too!   Guests spend money and put forth effort in attending your event and it is in good taste to show gratitude, no matter how simple.   A hand written card sent afterwards, or a little bottle of booze with a “Thank You” tag as guests walk out the door can go a long way.

Registry is Too Expensive

Weddings are often expensive not just for the bride and groom, but for their guests as well.   You might be going all-out when it comes to your wedding, but that doesn’t mean everyone else can afford to also.   Your registry should be filled with a bunch of items for all budgets.   It is important to have a wide range of items from various price ranges so guests aren’t forced to spend money they don’t have.   It’s also good to give your guests a lot of ideas for gifts so that you don’t end up having to return anything!

Didn’t Get To Talk To The Bride and Groom

The big day can be hectic and you want to get to enjoy your party too after all, but make an effort to stop by every guest.   Guests came to share your special day with you and want to offer congratulations and catch up.   Your guests will feel loved with a quick “Hi” and “thank you” in midst of all the fun.

Couldn’t Eat

The food is a big portion of any event and you want to make sure all guests can enjoy it.   Stay away from too out-of-the box dishes or heavy spices and ingredients.   Some guests may have dietary restrictions or food allergies, so try to ask in advance by including a comment card with the RSVP.   Have a vegetarian option and a familiar basic option for each course for even the pickiest of eaters.

Too Long

Its your day and your vows should obviously meet you and your partner’s needs.   But keep in mind that too long of a ceremony can leave guests edgy.   You want guests to be a part of the ceremony, not bored from it.   Start on time and strive for a ceremony length of about an hour.   Any longer and your guests will start staring at their watches.

Sitting With Strangers

Do your best to sit every guest with at least one person they know.   It’s uncomfortable when guests aren’t having fun at their tables and are sitting solo as a result of poor planning.   If it’s impossible to please every guest, then sit people together that you think would get along well or that are around the same age, that way they can easily strike up a conversation.

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