Fifty Shades Of Grey – 5 Ways to Incorporate This Year’s Color in Your Wedding

50 Shades

If shades of pinks and reds make you sick, we’ve got news: you don’t need to incorporate the classic colors to have a traditional looking wedding. Regardless of theme, there are ways to blend even the darkest of colors into your big day. Don’t let your dark side bring you down and begin to feel overwhelmed if frills and pink lace don’t seem to excite you the same way as fellow brides.Continue Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey – 5 Ways to Incorporate This Year’s Color in Your Wedding

How to Set A Formal Table

How to Set a Formal Table

Planning an event, large or small, can get expensive.  Due to lack of planning and laziness, planners turn to “professionals” for tasks they could have easily completed themselves.  Table settings and decor is one of the easiest areas to cut costs by doing it yourself.  Continue Reading How to Set A Formal Table

Liven Up The Annual Office Gig

Liven up the Annual Holiday Party

The holidays are a busy time for everyone and most of your employees dread the bing they hear in their inbox when they receive an email titled “Holiday Party.”  Every office party I’ve been to consisted of poorly mixed drinks and employees sneaking out the back door one by one while the boss gets wasted.  The holidays are a time to bring your staff together and loosen up the stuffy work environment.Continue Reading Liven Up The Annual Office Gig

Event Tech You Need

Event Tech You Need

Event technology is advancing, making it easier than ever for planners to truly monitor how successful an event is and what their attendees are responding to. There are dozens of apps and tech tools to help keep you organized and sane during the planning process. Here are our faves to help your next event be the best ever.

Continue Reading Event Tech You Need

Everything You Need to Know About A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah

You’ve been invited to your first bar or bat mitzvah and haven’t got the slightest clue about what to do or what goes on. A ‘mitzvah is a special ceremony that is loaded with tradition and history that is very unique and special. You want to be able to enjoy the cultural aspect, in addition to having an awesome time at the celebration that follows. On television bar/bat mitzvahs are depicted as humorous, but in all actuality they are a very serious and meaningful occasion for a Jewish family. “Bar/bat mitzvah” literally means “son/daughter of the commandments,” and represents a young Jewish man or woman becoming obligated to observe the commandments of Judaism.  From the lingo used to proper etiquette, here’s everything you need to know.

Continue Reading Everything You Need to Know About A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Providing Proper Guest Information

Providing Proper Guest Information

Playing host can be really stressful and misguided guests can create annoyances while you get the last minute details in place.  To avoid throwing your phone in the oven in hopes to stop the emails and texts with questions about the event, give adequate information the first time around.  None of your friends want to be the problem guest but not enough information can leave them in the dark.  Continue Reading Providing Proper Guest Information

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