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Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ideas

rock n roll bar mitzvah theme ideas

If you’re having a rock and roll themed bar/bat mitzvah, your décor and party favors have to have your guests doing the boogity woogity. Want your rock and roll mitzvah to show up Woodstock? Follow these psychedelic ideas to make your party the jammy of the year.

1. Custom iTunes gift cards – As party favors, hand out customized iTunes gift cards with a free song or two. Get really spirited and give the exact amount of the party’s date, unless it’s in January. Then you’ll come off just looking cheap!

2. Invitations- Get creative with invitations and make them look like backstage passes, records, or ticket stubs. The theme will be evident right away and guests will know they are in for a wild night in the VIP section.record-invitation vip-invite

3. Guestbook- Guitar style – Get a guitar from a thrift store or buy used, or, if you are an epic music lover, use the real instruments as life-size and memorable signage for your party. Leave multi-colored markers and your instrument of choice by the entrance for guests to sign as the “guestbook.” This guestbook won’t clog up space but will actually add to your music collection.guitar-style-guestbook

4. Rockband…duhhhh—Have all entertainment for the night be music based. Set up DDR and Rockband as entertainment and guests will be belting out Beatles songs early into the night. Well, they may be too young for “Hey Jude.”

5. Red carpet/Hollywood Stars—Have stars with guests names or actual Hollywood stars aligned around the entrance to make it feel like a real walk of fame. If stars seem a bit much, just lay out a red carpet and have faux paparazzi snapping candids of guests. You’ll get awesome shots and succeed as making guests feel like superstars on their walk in.walk-of-fame

6. Musical Sweets—These guitar pick cookies are genius and fun. If your mitzvah-getting child is a music fiend, then these cookies are baked especially for him/her. Creative and delicious, these sweet-treats leave a memorable taste in all guests’ mouths and goodie bags.

Guests will sing with how good these microphone cones are.


7. The Food—Create a setting that embodies backstage of a rock concert or that of a tour bus with finger foods and sub sandwiches. Kids will appreciate the messiness and feel of the overall tour vibe.rock-n-roll-theme-bar-mitzvahs

8. Rockin’ Décor—Perfect for either sex, this flowery guitar piece is gorgeous for any type of event. Have your florist customize your arrangement with your guest-of-honor’s instrument of choice. For one large piece vs. dozens of smaller centerpieces, there shouldn’t be an upcharge.rock-n-roll-theme-bar-mitzvahs

9. Record Trays-Hold desserts on old records to give a musical and vintage edge to your sweet treats.  rock-n-roll-theme-bar-mitzvahs



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