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Lighten Up!


Unique lighting ideas for your next event.

Lighting may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you begin party planning, but proper and original lighting options can illuminate the way to a fabulous night. LEDs, or “light emitting diodes,” have come a long way since they were introduced as computer indicator lights. 

These days, LEDs are available in various shapes, sizes, and a wide variety of colors and neutrals, and offer many benefits over standard lighting options, not to mention LEDs can potentially cut energy usage by 25% in the U.S. Plus, you can put LEDs anywhere considering they don’t give off heat the way traditional bulbs do. Here are unique ways to lighten up your event.

Using light installations as decor in addition to lighting is all the rage right now. Partly because it can help cut costs because you are utilizing the lights as lighting and decor and also because it looks awesome. Line tables, chairs, stairs, and bars with strips of lighting to make the furniture come alive. Light shows and installations are all the rage right now. Use suspended overhead light installations in addition to LED lights on tables and chairs. With LEDs Weatherproof Outdoor Flexible Strips, The lights
become the decor, which can help cut costs so you aren’t paying for decor in addition to lighting. The strips easily slide into silicon strips and are perfect for outdoor settings.

Centerpieces. These bright centerpieces look expensive and are the perfect addition to any table for any occasion. All you need is LED lights, fresh flowers, water beads, and clear vases. What’s great is that you can create these centerpieces yourself with little effort. Simple and elegant! Watch this video.

Wall fixtures We found this idea on shelterness.com,
and the piece was intended to be a headboard, but
venues often have pretty blank walls, allowing you to play
around with decor. A simple square of lighting creates
the ultimate romantic background for a photo in addition
to upping the ambience of any scene. Purchase pieces of
wood about 2×4, and build a frame, securing it with
crossbeams. Drill small holes to put cords through in the
bottom of each opening. Paint frame white and screw into the
wall. Fill each space with lights and connect all cords. Cut
translucent panels from polycarbonate sheet and fix to frame with
screws. Enjoy!

Hanging Lights

For an intimate affair, take after the Great Hall in Harry Potter and create a magical light fixture with hanging candles. For a DIY project, measure the width of the ceiling of your venue. Purchase sheets the length of the ceiling in a color of your choice. We recommend painting a starry night with black sheets and spray paint if having an evening event. Create candles by painting paper
towel and toilet paper rolls white. Seal the bottom with foam or some type of material, place lights inside and string with fish wire along ceiling creating a mystical setting. Use different size rolls for candles. If you want a drippy wax effect, cut out pieces of white foam and place around the top to make it look like the wax is dripping.

Using mason jars to hold LED lights mixes a rustic feel with a tech vibe seamlessly. You can purchase mason jars at any craft store. Begin by frosting pint and quart size mason jars with a frosted glass spray to make lighting a bit warmer. Secure with rope, or a thick wire to hide wires needed to light up the LEDs. Group both sizes in groups of three or four and hang at different heights around the room. So gorgeous!

Word Art
You will need cool white 50 feet LED, rope light, Rope cap (usually included with rope light), Hanging clips for rope light (also usually included with the rope light), Hand weights/sand bags or anything to weigh down the rope light, Velcro indoor/outdoor multi-clips, Drill with philips screwdriver bit, Painter’s tape, Level and/or laser level, Chalk, Scissors

To get an idea of how much rope you will need, the word ‘create’ takes up 10’ and 13’ to the end.

The LED rope light gives off a cleaner, whiter color with a bluish tint. It can also be cut in certain spots, giving you flexibility. Make sure that installation clips are included. If not, you may have to purchase some separately. Create a level baseline for your word using a laser. Sketch of the word using chalk on the wall. Avoid tight angles in your word. The rope light will curve and bend, but hard angles can’t really be done. Use weights to keep curves in line on the floor while measuring the excess lighting not needed.
Measure that amount from the side that the plug is not on. Find the closest cut mark and cut off excess rope. A cap will be provided and cap off the end of the rope. Two people are needed to begin hanging letters, starting with the first letter of course. Attach
one clip to the wall and use painter’s tape to help hold the letters in place while you attach the clips.

LED Balloons – create simply by inserting a light into a balloon prior to blowing it up. A modern twist on the typical balloon. Still not sure what to do with your lighting? Gardeners Supply offer Solar-Powered String Lights in white or blue that run for 8 hours on a full charge. You can string them anywhere around anything for $79.95. They are super bright and easy to work with! Save On Crafts also have LED Fairy String lights that are on a 5ft bendable silver wire. Lights are submersible; battery pack is not, and includes timer function. Requires 3 AA batteries and are cheap and effective! 3/$21.00


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