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Interactive Entertainment Ideas for Your Mitzvah

interactive games for your bar mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitvahs are all about the entertainment.  Personalization and technology are overwhelmingly the two biggest influences when planning today’s bat and bar mitzvahs.  Photo booths and hired dancers are pretty basic, but kids aren’t occupied by the same old song and dance.  The kids  need stimulating entertainment that engages them physically and intellectually.  Kids love to be immersed in their entertainment of choice and activities.  Here are seven entertainment ideas that will make your bat/bar mitzvah stand out both digitally and literally from the others.

  1. Digital graffiti wall –Children are creative creatures and love getting their hands dirty. A digital graffiti wall will remind them of their days spent actually drawing all over the walls with markers and crayons.  Event entertainment companies like Creative Event Services Inc. offers the latest in state of the art entertainment for all sized events and go the extra mile by installing and setting up your entertainment.  Guests stand in front of a white screen to be photographed.  That photo is then projected onto a large screen where guests “paint” on the pictures.  When they press the cap of the spray can, the can sprays infra-red light tracked by a computer as it moves across the screen.  The digital paint appears wherever the can is sprayed, just like spraying paint on a real wall.  They can even custom spray patterns and stencils to reflect your event’s theme or colors.  Any image can be loaded as a background so guests can easily paint like a coloring page on a blank canvas.  The art can be printed as a copy on site or saved to a computer.


  1. Interactive Entertainment Group has nationwide locations and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.  They offer virtual environments with or without head mounted displays.  The Immersitron just needs a 10’ x 10’ area and allows you to experience an array of exciting virtual environments.  Your body is actually in the game using green screen technology and makes you feel a bit like Mario.  Choose any of the four entertainment options from basketball, soccer, volleyball, sky diving, scuba diving, and more.  Guests pick their game and are beamed into the game like Star Trek through a holopod.  Interactive software titles allow players to star in their own virtual challenge.  Participants can see their body within the virtual world and use their natural body motion to navigate and interact.interactive-entertainment



  1. Bling Bar—A great idea for kids who enjoy crafts (and what kid doesn’t?) that lets children personalize their tech accessories. Buy a bunch of headphones, iPhone covers, and cases from a wholesale dealer or dollar store, along with gems and stone, stickers, and cover friendly coloring tools to allow children to monogram their accessories. Kids love this and it is a great activity both sexes enjoy participating in. decorated-cell-phone-case


  1. Who doesn’t love karaoke and rocking out alone in their room? Let your guest of honor and their friends be celebrities for a night by playing in their own rock band, complete with a sound system, LED lighting, and a custom backdrop.  Set up a stage and the game Rock Band or a karaoke machine with multiple microphones for group involvement.  Kids will be more inclined to get involved when their friends are doinkaraoke g it.


  1. Update the old photo booth.  Selfies are the new black, gray, blue, and red. Picture a mirror that can replace your cell phone to capture the perfect selfie.  This unique photo booth from Interactive Entertainment Group is the first image-capture mirror, revolutionizing the art of photography and selfies at events. The Instacool Photo booth mixes the traditional photo booth experience with the modern one.   The prints look exactly like an Instagram post and can be customized with the ability to take photos to print from any smart phone in the room.


  1. iPad Sign In Wall –Secure an iPad to the sign-in station so guests can take a photo or video of themselves and say a congratulatory message to the guest of honor.  After the party is over, save the video or pictures and make an online book of all the guests’ special wishes or include the photos in their Thank You cards for keepsake.  Guests will be more inclined to sign in and make customized messages. giant-iphone


  1. Enough with this tech jib jab, good old-fashion live entertainment is just as important, no matter how modern your mitzvah is. That’s where Thuzio comes in.  Thuzio provides an online platform that connects the public with more than 500 professional athletes who have achieved the highest level of excellence in their profession.  Current and retired players form the NBA, NFL, NHL, AND MLS, Olympic Medalists, and top leads in Broadway are just a few acts on their repertoire.   Hired guests will come speak, coach, or provide entertainment for the mitzvah.  Pretty awesome.


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