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Food and Drink Branding Fun

Food and Wine Branding Fun

Food and drink are common denominators at nearly all events, whether it is a business or social gathering. Guests expect quality snacks to nibble on during the event. But the food doesn’t have to solely satisfy appetites, but can additionally be used as a branding opportunity.

Food branding is becoming a popular trend at corporate events because there are so many ways to brand your company through edibles. Adding company logos, slogans, and themes to food makes lasting impressions on guests, not to mention delicious party favors guests can take home with them.

Whether you’re hosting an event for a client or representing your own company, food is a unique and fun way for your message to get across to the guests. Food has a such a strong presence in social media as well, and it is not surprising for cute snacks to be uploaded to social media, creating even more brand awareness. In addition to the food itself, creatively packing the goodies is a memorable way for guests to satisfy hunger while still being able to focus on the brand and the company behind the event in the first place! Here are unique ways for your food choices to sing at your next event.

Coffee is pretty synonymous with the business world and after a fun event like you’ve just hosted, guests will need an extra cup to start their work week sharp on Monday morning. Give guests a one pound bag of beans or already ground flavored coffee with your company logo and image on it. Since it is not a onetime use product, your logo will be lingering in their minds each morning for at least a week, as they brew the aromatic blonde roast you’ve provided them with. Roast Star helps you boast your roast, and offers high quality branding and custom coffee bags.

Bagels, Loaves, and Baguettes – Oh My!
Bagels and bread are the perfect hangover food to soak up all the booze, so send guests home with a freshly baked loaf or a few bagels with a recipe on the bag, with the company logo cleverly placed of course. Order the baguettes or bagels in bulk and have bags fitted for them. It’s unique and gives guests a nice friendly touch after a formal affair.

Bottled beverages are prevalent at events and are the perfect opportunity to get guests surrounded by the company name. Prior to the event, make all labels with the company logo and scatter about. For a more interactive branding technique, have the label white with just the company name and provide pens so guests can draw and color on the bottles and bring them as take homes. It’s a great way for the brand to be intertwined all throughout the event while people wine and dine and socialize.

What better way to send your guests off then with a treat to satisfy their sweet tooth? Dessert branding is simple and there are dozens of desserts to choose from where you can incorporate your logo. Cake pops, candle apples, and brownies can all bear a logo simply. Ask any sweet shop for advice and they will be happy to accommodate.