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Fifty Shades Of Grey – 5 Ways to Incorporate This Year’s Color in Your Wedding

50 Shades

If shades of pinks and reds make you sick, we’ve got news: you don’t need to incorporate the classic colors to have a traditional looking wedding. Regardless of theme, there are ways to blend even the darkest of colors into your big day. Don’t let your dark side bring you down and begin to feel overwhelmed if frills and pink lace don’t seem to excite you the same way as fellow brides.

Every bride must find their own wedding style while remaining true to themselves, and if you’d rather be caught dead than in a lavender button up—well, don’t have a wedding that reflects Ralph Lauren’s spring collection. Gray hues are a great alternative for the semi-gothic bride that are not as dramatic as black or dark brown, but still offer a fresh alternative to the common colors and themes. Incorporating black into your wedding, while beautiful and classic, can be intimidating to some brides. In honor of the release of Fifty Shades of Grey this week, which by the way, brought in $8.6 million in its Thursday release, making it the second highest Thursday showing of an R-rated film behind “The Hangover Part II,” we’ve honored gray hues for the Anastasia Steel in you.

According to color psychology, gray is a neutral color of compromise. It can be dull and boring on the one hand or on the other, elegant and formal dependent on how you work with this shade of neutrality. Choosing gray as one of your main colors will create a mood of neutrality. The warmer the shade, the more involving and connecting it is for your guests.

1. Bridesmaids’ dresses–Gray is a versatile color that flatters many body shapes and types. Creating an ombre affect with your dresses can make for an awesome contrast if your bridal party is rather large.  Have each bridesmaid choose a slightly different shade of gray and arrange them so the colors go from dark to light or vice versa. Here is the Goldilocks of gray dresses, as its not too dark, but not too light. And another plus: it is convertible, so a bride can have consistency with the overall look of the party, but the maids are still free to create a dress that’s ‘them.’gray

2. Cake and dessertsThe Cake Blog is home to some of the most innovative cakes in the industry. Carrie Sellman is Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog and her ideas are as fresh as the cakes she finds. Incorporating shades of grey into food is one of the easiest ways to get your color of choice to shine, (as it’s not that hard to create the color, at least with frosting!) With this cake, shades of grey fade into white, creating a soft, neutral ombre. Creator Charlotte Tyson, of Sugar Ruffles, really did a “grayt” job with this one. The options for gray cakes are ultimately endless. Pinterest shows a wide variety of gray cakes.

gray cake gray cakes










3. Décor—Décor is where you can really accentuate the gray tones. From centerpieces to napkins and place settings, décor is where the gray can really stand out. Gray shades against white tones are not only classic but also elegant and engaging. Gray fabric stands up against white flawlessly, allowing the use of white tablecloths with gray and silver table accents.gray crystals gray centerpiece

Crystals give off a gray and silver tone and reek of elegance. Placing crystals and gray jewels scattered around tables and on runners is a cheaper alternative to a brilliant chandelier.

4. Groomsmen—Men aren’t really keen on the whole formal wear deal and gray suites somehow feel less stuffy than black. Both of you can opt to go for the ombre look with the wedding party attire, which we think adds a fresh look to the party.gray tux


5. Flowers and such—You may think there are no naturally gray flowers, but your bouquet can certainly incorporate your color of choice. Florists can sprinkle flowers with silver dust and wrap white flowers in dark gray bows to honor the hue. In addition to taking the jewel and crystal idea, florists can drape crystals in the bouquet. Try dipping ridged flowers such as carnations or roses in gray paint ever so lightly to create a look of gray edges along white flowers.

gray flowers 2

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