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Event Trends That Need To Die

Event Trends that need to die

Out with the old, in with the new!  2014 was filled with flares and trends that are well…so last year. A new year means a brand new batch of trends to take the industry by storm.  That being said, we’re not saying we don’t find joy and beauty in these wedding ideas.

I mean, they become trendy for a reason: they expressed a statement, an intention, and a certain ambiance.   But once upon a time, these ideas were fresh, but they just aren’t so much anymore. Join the fight in making these overdone trends come to an end for 2015. Here are five trends that need to call it quits.

The Rustic Trend – Mason jars, wood fixtures, and farm tables are on the outs. Burlap has been overdone. Events this year will take on a more modern feel, experts say. Please get the idea out of your head if you have the notion of making guests or bridal parties wear cowboy boots or bandanas. I’m not sure who started the trend but this town certainly isn’t big enough for the two of us. Mason jars have been the most requested décor for years, especially for casual outdoor nuptials. There are many other
containers that give the same rustic charm that have not been used a dozen times over. Jars are still acceptable for serving iced teas and cocktails but look at your everyday containers and household items for jar-spiration.

Small Flower Arrangements – Full, loose, garden-inspired backdrops and arrangements are in. Tight little flower setups are prissy and not worth the expensive price tag. Instead, opt for full, busting and colorful flower walls and arches where people can take pictures. Big and free flowing flowers give a more organic looking and natural feel, which is all the rage for the New Year.

Photo Booths – While photo booths have been a staple at nearly every event since the dawn of technology, we see this reception element over and over again. Photo booths are great in the fact that they allow guests to have fun while capturing candid memories that both guests and hosts can enjoy, but there is no surprise element for attendees. Video booths offer so much more to be accomplished. Guests can plan a scene or just act weird and funny on camera. If you are insisting on a photo area, set a unique background and have multiple backdrops, props, and furniture that fit the theme to add an element of surprise.

1920s/Barn Theme – Leonardo was a dime in The Great Gatsby and the roaring 20s was an inspirational time, but does it particularly inspire you or your significant other? The theme of your event should reflect your particular interests and likes, and if you’ve never stepped foot on a farm, tying the knot on an open plain doesn’t really seem fitting. The barn event has been popular because it creates an amazing ambiance in addition to being able to accommodate a lot of guests, but there are many other large venues that have similar characteristics like museums, large estates, and historical properties. If you have a love of a certain time period, then most definitely incorporate that into your theme and décor, just make sure the theme stays true to you.

Overspending on Signage
Social events seem designed for signage. With a “pick a seat, not a side” sign plastered front and center at almost every wedding I’ve been to this year, are they a nice touch? Yes. But overplayed? Absolutely. Although it is tempting, not every single accent or sign needs to be customized to fit the theme of your event. Think of creative ways to display menus and drink lists and guest books that don’t involve chalkboard paint. Not going all out for minor details like lavatory and photo signs is a great way to cut unnecessary costs.

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