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Event Trends for 2015

Wedding Trends of 2015

A new year means more fun and funky trends.  2014 was a year of awesomeness for events, and 2015 is expected to be even more innovative and creative.  We’re bringing you the biggest trends of 2015 in event planning from color schemes to food displays.  Make this year filled with your best events.  

Color – Pantone Inc. is the authority on color and is the provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication of color.  Recently, they announced the color of the year, Marsala, a wine red. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute, the earthy hue took precedence because “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.   One that draws us in to its embracing warmth.”  This hearty, yet stylish tone is versatile and is universally appealing to both sexes, and translates easily to fashion, décor, and interiors.   Past years colors include Tangerine, Emerald, and Radiant Orchid.  There are dozens of ways to incorporate the deep, brownish-red hue into gatherings like red and purple floral arrangements and centerpieces.  The drinks and food served are also great ways to incorporate the deep red.  Pomegranate in cocktails is a surefire way to give the drinks a deep red hue.  Red velvet cupcakes bake to a similar shade of marsala.  Red wine is a common base in some sauces, so perhaps pairing your protein being served with a red wine demi, can help you incorporate the color.  Washing a space with red LED lights is a simple, yet effective way to create the romantic tone.  Because the color is so unbiased towards either sex, the party won’t feel too masculine or feminine and will appeal to every guest.

Food – A recent trend that’s becoming mainstream is savory ice cream flavors.  Liquid nitrogen is a freezing process that makes it possible to create custom desserts in 90 seconds. David Wood, Senior Vice President of Culinaire’s International, predicts attendees will be seeing more liquid nitrogen at events.  It makes it possible for sweet to become savory because it allows you to freeze and transform the texture of virtually anything.  Wasabi and pretzel ice cream anyone?

Food As Décor – Shiraz Events created a step-and-repeat using stacked crates of fresh vegetables for the opening of Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place in New York.  Serving and displaying food this way is an innovative approach to the common buffet and tableside displays.  Colorful foods can be used as centerpieces and create an earthy yet modern display. If oranges and yellows are part of your scheme, find fruits and vegetables that have those colors fir centerpieces.  It is a fun and cheaper alternative that only needs a few touches to look elegant.

Locally Grown – Serving locally grown meats, seafood, and produce continue to be a top trend for the upcoming year.   The current generation wants to know who’s making their food and where it comes from.  Using local farmers for your event also cuts down transportation costs and the hustle and bustle of the back and forth.  With less transportation, your event leaves less of a carbon footprint, and environment sustainability is always trendy.

Themes and Décor With the return of Cinderella to Broadway and the release of Into the Woods, mystical and fairytale events will be on the rise.  This theme is a slippery slope because a few wrong choices and the event can seem very overdone and kitsch.  There has a be a resurgence of fairytale films recently and the ideas will most certainly leak into the event world.  Will and Kate’s royal wedding is sure to influence the theme of events this year.  Delicate lace, lush prints, and finely patterned textiles will overrule casual fun and will make way for very formal affairs.  Guests like to feel elegant and the nights they go out feel lavish.

Metallic Year – Gold and silver accents have been common this year in event décor and will continue to do so in the New Year.  Rose gold and copper will take hold, instead of the go-to choice of silver and gold is also becoming a preferred choice when trying to incorporate metallic in décor.

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