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7 Tech Gifts for Your Corporate Event

Tech gifts to give at your next event1

Give your corporate event a boost with tech gifts your colleagues and guests will actually use and not just to be nice.  They’ll probably be fiddling with them under the table even before they leave. These business tech gadgets will make the biggest geeks smile and the not so savvy users feel hip with their sleek design and awesome features.  Plus, they won’t dip too much into your budget so you can still focus on the event as a whole and not the giveaways in the gift bags.

When we lose our phone in the deep corners of the couch after a six-hour House of Cards marathon (okay, nine), we can easily find it by calling it.  We’ve gotten so used to being able to find our missing phones that we’ve completed neglected our keys and all the other stuff we lose daily during our morning rush.  Simply secure this Bluetooth tracking tag to your items, and be able to find all your objects instantly with the Bluetooth technology and the free downloadable app.  If you’ve lost your phone but have your tracking tag, it’s no issue—the device works both ways.  Touch the alert button on the tag to locate your phone in minutes.  It’s sure of a lot faster than rummaging through piles of clothes you were supposed to put away on Monday.  The tag includes a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and one charge typically lasts 2-4 weeks.  This nifty gadget is from Uncommon Goods and runs a smooth $40.00.bluetooth-tracking-tag

Don’t let not having access to your computer stop your workflow.   Kingston’s handy DataTravel microDuo Flash drive comes into play when you’re stuck without your laptop.  This petite 32GB thumb drive is fitted with USB and microUSB connections so you can bring your files anywhere you would your phone, aka—everywhere. $29.95 or $13.95 from Amazon.


Making a zillion passwords can be a drag but is an absolute necessity in the modern world.  Not only should your passwords be unique, they should be loooooong and unguessable.  To help maintain your sanity and a basic level of security, use YubiKey’s USB-fitted NEO device.  The NEO creates and stores one-time passcodes for multiple sites with a simple tap.  This adds an extra level of security to every website on any NFC-enable device or computer and facilitates seamless transfers from device to device.  $40.00 online at YubiKey hardware.yubikey-neo

It seems I wash my hands constantly and still end up with a smudged-filled screen.  The iRoller is a compact, reusable way to lift away fingerprints and dust without sprays or clothes.  A few gentle swipes and your surface will be sticky-free.  More economical than disposable wipes, the iRoller can be used over and over again after a simple cleaning.  Run the roller under tap water and air dry and your iRoller will be ready and waiting for the next round of fingerprint forgiveness. $20.00 from The Grommetiroller-in-use

After being sick and tired of constantly having to carry around a traditional charger, Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn conceptualized the Nomad, a brand that creates products essential for the modern nomad and anyone who hates carrying around a bunch of wires.  The USB jack clips easily onto a keychain so you never again have to experience the struggle of digging through your bag at red lights hoping you won’t have to turn around to grab the cord of life.  The two founders didn’t stop with the NomadKey ($24.95), their original product, which is shaped like a key and fits easily on your keychain, but kept the momentum going with the NomadClip ($39.95), a charger nestled into a convenient clip, and the NomadPlus ($39.95), which charges itself and your phone or tablet at the same time.  Like the Nomad name implies, these accessories are ready to keep you connected anywhere you go. NomadKey-iPhone NomadPlus-

XD Design is focused on creating a more sustainable future.  XD Design’s brilliant solar charger just made charging your phone a whole lot easier.  No outlet? No problem.  Users can stick the thin charger to the inside of a glass window and leave it to soak up the sunlight.  Sticking the charger to windows maximizes its exposures to the sun’s rays.  No, you can charge your phone anywhere as long as it’s not raining. solar-charger-XD-design

Misfit Flash is the best entry-level activity tracker that’s under $50.00.  The Flash easily provides all the basics for your workout routine.  The Flash comes in a variety of colors and not a lot of fuss for the techy exercise enthusiast at your event.  $49.99 at Best Buy or


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