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14 People Who Love Their Pets Way Too Much

Love your pet day

February 20th is National Love Your Pet day.  This “unofficial” National holiday is a day set aside to give extra attention to and pamper our pets (as if we don’t do that everyday).  Here are 14 people who might do that a bit too much.

1. The person who made these canine-safe holiday cupcakes complete with holiday spirit.

imgres  2. This woman kissing a wild lion. Let’s hope she is the tamer.


3. This guy who had a shirt made of his dog’s face and reps it all day.


4. The family who took the time to buy an ice cream cake for their Gerbil’s first birthday, yet were not creative enough to think of a name for him/her.


5. This guy who doesn’t know when enough is enough.


6. This family who sticks together no matter what.


7. This guy, who can’t bear to go the bathroom alone.


8. This family who really loves snakes.


9. This guy, who may or may not have lost his virginity to his dog.


10. This is Rita, the rat whisperer.


11. The person who invented a water fountain for his dog, because only peasantry dogs drink from bowls.

water fountain

12. This woman, who chose ferrets over children.


13. Why have matching shirts when you can BE the shirts?


14. This woman who thought that just having her dog be the ring bearer simply would not do.

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