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11 Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Ideas

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Just because your best friend’s idea of fun doesn’t consist of strippers and gambling, doesn’t mean the bachelor party is going to be lame.  You can get creative.  You can mix it up from the ho-hum routine bachelor parties of pole dancing and beer and get unique…well, maybe still include the beer.  Consider these ideas for planning your best bro’s bachelor party.

Paintballing–Even I think paint balling is a blast, and I don’t think anyone this side of the east river would consider me “athletic.”  Give the groom an adrenaline rush at indoor spots like Indoor Extreme Sports, and don’t forget to let his team win, without letting him know you’re letting him win.

Go snowboarding or skiing—few things are more fun than a day out on the slopes.  A great way to enjoy the day and honor your bachelor is to treat him to a day of shredding.  Head to Jersey to Mountain Creek, just a little over an hour outside of the city or check here for best and closest snowboarding and ski results near the city.

Camp—stars in the sky, clear air, and beers around a campfire with his friends sums up the right contrast to the madness of wedding planning.

Go Hunting—a joyous activity for the occasional hunter and an adventurous one for the never-beens.  10 guys. 10 guns. 10 cases of beer.  Any questions?

Taste Whisky–arrange your own private “tasting” at a stylish whiskey bar—like any of these in New York—to heighten the experience and class up of an ordinary bar experience.  This ain’t cheap but will make your soon-to-be groom feel like Don Draper. If the groom isn’t a whisky drinker, a beer tasting can be just as fun and less stuffy for the more casual groom

Rent a house—preferably one by water, but renting a house in a locale you and your friends don’t often hit, gives you free range to just relax and…do whatever you want in a big empty mansion.  When enough guys chip in, renting a house is cheaper than hotels and gives you an Old School-type vibe.  A house full of all guys ensures things will get wild and that the groom at some point, will vomit.

Go white water rafting—organizations like Adventure Sports and Whitewater Challengers make white water rafting stress, knowledge and sobriety free.  A multi-day, pre-planned, guided rafting day filled with adventure and fun is the perfect weekend for the groom.

Rent dirt bikes or ATVs –or dune buggies, or anything else that provides at least a small percentage chance of death.

Take in a game—if you can swing it, get box seats to the groom’s favorite sporting event….and tailgate with lots and lots of beer.

Hit a show—on any given night there are dozens of concerts around the city.  Grab dinner, pregame the show, and sing your heart out to one of the groom’s favorite bands.  Concerts are guaranteed to be fun and easy planning.

Going Extreme—the plunge into marriage will feel like a piece of cake after jumping out of a plane at 10,000 ft.  If the idea of skydiving is too expensive or doesn’t tickle your fancy, try bungee jumping, hang gliding, scuba diving, mountain climbing, surfing, or even shark hunting (observing sharks while scuba diving).  There’s nothing like defying death to bring a group of guys closer and to get him prepared for the big day.  If those ides don’t thrill your crew, rent a few go-carts for the day and race around the track.

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