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10 Tech Themed Ideas For a Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah Theme Ideas

Boys can be a handful when trying to pick a theme for their Bar Mitzvah.  It can be hard for your son or nephew to find a theme that feels unique and less redundant than a “sports theme.” If your guy is into technology, and what thirteen-year-old isn’t, a tech themed event can be innovative and awesome. 

Here are twenty tech-inspired party favors, gift bag ideas, activations, and invitation ideas that’ll have your friends texting and messaging about it for months afterward.

1. For tech-inspired centerpieces, fill tall glass cylinders with well-designed computer related items like colorful mousepads, cables, mice, and shiny blank CDs, etc. Guests can take them home as parting gifts if they like.

2. For entertainment, opt for a “green screen” video booth and virtual reality games. You can rent iPads to place at each table so guests can take pictures and play games. Collect them afterwards to retrieve all the pictures before returning them.Ipadcenterpieces

3. App cookies and cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat send off. Go old school with game boys and controller cookies or more modern with app cupcakes.

iphone-apps-cupcakes Techcookies


4. Bar mitzvahs are all about branding and immersing your guests into your theme.  Use the bar and food stations to incorporate your theme.  Use LED lights to give off a tech feel.  imax bar

5. The dance floor is a great opportunity to use Gobo lighting.  Gobo, derived from “go between,” is a physical stencil or template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light.  Most venues provide lighting instruments and will help set up Gobo graphics.

It is sometimes desirable to manipulate the shape of the light which is cast over a space or object. To do so, a piece of metal with patterned holes through which light passes is placed in the beam of light to allow only the desired “shape” or pattern through, while blocking the rest of the light, casting a specific shadow/light into the space. Use the dance floor space to get jiggy and techy with it.  Stickers will work, too, although some venues with hard wood floors will advise against it.


6.  Create black and white escort or seating cards like these.



7. What’s better than an iPhone? A chocolate iPhone.  Molds available here.  Put these in your goodie bags and you’ll definitely be getting a lot of thank you calls.


8. Send your guests off with gift bags that look like iPod minis filled with all that good stuff.


9. There’s an app for that..a candy app that is.  Candy bars aren’t just for girls.  Amp up your guests with large scale iPhones filled with sour patch and butterfingers.

d0adac232d76731ce4b18e436df8ae6710. Give a giveaway that’ll keep your guests warm with a wordy play off your tech-themed event.  It’ll be a gift they won’t forget. 237294163a98b0ce6276566763964801

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