10 Drunk and Fun Groom’s Cake Ideas

The practice of a groom’s cake dates back to the Victorian era in England, when in addition to the main wedding cake, there was also a smaller groom’s cake. Both cakes were cut simultaneously and served to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Especially in the south, the custom of a groom’s cake has endured in the United States and brides often view it as a chance for the groom to get some recognition when the day is primarily focused around her. Read more

10 Things Every Man Should Know About Wedding Planning

Guys, let’s face it, your girlfriend was dropping remarks about tying the knot even before you put a ring on it and now that the day is coming up, you can barely relate to her stress level.  Planning a wedding is demanding and time consuming, and if not taken care of with gentle and adequate attention on your part, can be damaging to you and your wifey-to-be’s relationship if she feels you are not stepping up to the plate.  It’s not that you aren’t excited or don’t want to be involved, but you honestly don’t know where to begin.  Read more

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