The Edison Ballroom is an elegant private event space in the heart of Times Square, New York. This historical venue originally opened in the 1930’s as the Grand Ballroom of the adjacent Edison Hotel. It reopened in 2008 after a multi-million dollar renovation that preserved its original style and art-deco flair. With its award-winning executive chef and personalized service, the Edison Ballroom continues to provide the perfect environment for all occasions.


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The Edison Ballroom hosts all types of corporate events – from galas and fundraisers to conferences, holiday parties and more. Equipped with a stage and state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, the Edison Ballroom is the ideal venue for even the most detailed corporate programs.

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The Edison Ballroom is the perfect venue for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties and other celebrations. We deliver the right combination of elegance and style to help turn your special day into a lasting memory.



8 Creative Tux Ideas

Every Thursday, the Edison Ballroom will be bringing the gentlemen some sound event advice.  This week, we are focusing on formal attire and how to make it your own.

A woman gets the dress of her dreams, and a man should get a tux of his! At some point this year, if your calendar looks anything like ours, you will attend a wedding. Maybe you’ll go as a guest or a groomsman, or perhaps even as the lucky man getting hitched. And in every single case, you’ll be wondering what on earth you should wear. Whether it’s a chilled-out beach service, ballroom affair, or a backyard commitment ceremony, a wedding is the rare celebration that lets you pull out all the sartorial stops. You’re trying to come off as the best, most jubilant version of yourself, without being thrown out of the chapel by looking like you’re in a costume.

We believe that any wedding calls for a suit (it can be dressier or more casual), if not a tuxedo. Double-check the attire note on the invite and show up for the big day dresses to play your part.


  1. It’s all about the shoe. Dress shoes can be expensive and you really only wear them a few times. Instead, pick out a shoe that’s truly you that you can rock to several events, like these sleek black or brown leather converse for you you’re your groomsmen to brown-leather-converse
  2. Black Tie Doesn’t Even Have to Be Black Anymore: The Midnight Blue Tuxedo –Daniel Day-Lewis wore one to this year’s Oscars and this rig is dressy enough for the most formal occasion you can imagine.  Suit Supply has just about every shade of midnight blue you never knew existed.midnight-blue-tuxedo

3. Need to Jolt Your Tux Out of a Coma? Just Change Your Shirt.

Leave your white tux shirt on the hanger and go with a bold color instead. Turning to the bright side will instantly give an old tux new life, and all kinds of color make the look pop. Not into pink? Try powder blue. Or gray. Or khaki. Shirt by Ralph Lauren Black Label.bright-shirt-for-tuxedo

  1. The Khaki Movement –I’ve noticed more guys wearing khaki suits at weddings. The movement is a good thing, as khaki seamlessly straddles the line between dressed up and chilled out.khaki-suit
  2. Don’t Worry About the rules, except one: groom –Push the limits with your outfit, but your grooming should remain clean and classic. Start by getting a haircut a week before the wedding, as opposed to the day before, to avoid that awkward new-haircut feeling. Pre-wedding, part your hair with product and a comb, give yourself a clean shave, and be sure your eyebrows aren’t becoming one. Remember, “groom” is both a noun and a verb.
  3. Sock it to Me, Baby –If you decide to opt for a more traditional tux, then go big with your sock choice. Revealing just a peep of color can brighten up your whole outfit. Socks are meant to be playful, anyway.bright-socks-for-grooms
  4. Be Playful –If the idea of dressing up has you feeling all stuffy inside then be playful. Take note form these super heroes on Pinterest, who got hulked up for the wedding.funny-tuxedo-ideas
  5. Cufflinks –Cufflinks are another subtle way to show your funny side. Cuff Links Depot has the largest selection of cuff links for men where you can find pretzel shaped and electric guitar links that’ll bring out the rocker in you.

How to Make an Awesome Speech

The art of public speaking is one that claims to be able to be taught in classrooms and perfected with practice. Yet, leaves most us feeling like it’s some form of Chinese torture, where a single drop of water drops on our head for the rest of our lives. Being asked to speak at someone’s special event is an honor that they chose to give you.  You should not only be proud, but grateful that someone finds you special enough to speak on behalf of one of the most important occasions in their lives. If the idea of making a speech has you crawling out of your skin

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